Squiffy turns on the holoprojector in his top hat.
Squiffy: "Here, maybe this will explain it."

A small Admiral Ackbar appears as a hologram.
Ackbar: "Help us Ed and Brad, you are our only hope!"

Brad picks up Ackbar. Ackbar is not amused.
Brad: "Admiral Ackbar! I was so busy eating cake, I lost sight of what was important!"
Ackbar: "Personal bubble! PERSONAL BUBBLE!"
I originally thought Rachel from Friends had said what Admiral Ackbar says in the last panel. While googling for it for purposes of translation, though, I found out it was Cordelia from Angel.

Well, they are kinda hard to keep apart. But maybe Rachel said it too at some point.
Akbar's thumb in panel 2 is the best thumb I've ever drawn. Too bad you can't tell with all those black lines. Apart from that there's not much to say about this strip. Oh: I like Brad's expression in panel 3.

Altogether the strip's are taking less and less time to do. This one took me 2.5 hours! And that's with incentive-sketch and rants. I must be doing something wrong.

In other news: Sippan's back! So check it out already!

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