Kyra Amar and a policeman are walking through a hall.
Kyra: " unless you have concrete evidence for your charges, I'm going to demand their freedom."

Policeman: "We do have some very convincing character witnesses."
Kyra: "Which you and I both know is irrelevent."

The policeman opens a barred door.
Policeman: "I guess I have no choice but to release them. But if they cause just the slightest bit of trouble..."
Kyra: "I'm quite sure that won't be a problem."
I'll use this opportunity to explain a bit more about the story than what can be seen in the images.

In the last panel, Kyra Amar and the policeman were not swallowed by a gigantic piggy bank with no less than four different coin slots without noticing a thing. It's a door.
As seen in the last strip, Ben obviously finds it very important to point out that Kyra's guards are still tagging along. I don't know why, but I'm guessing he's got something big planned. So I crammed in one in the first panel, just to make sure.

There, Ben! I hope you're happy!

Not much else to say about the strip. I kinda like panel 1 and 2 and I kinda don't like panel 3. Can you tell they're opening a door? Well they are. They're opening a door to get to the cells. That's what they're doing. Opening a door.

This, by the way, is the first strip done on my brand new computer!! Yup, bought myself a new computer. It's like all shiny 'n stuff, with Megs and Gigs and CPU-a-plenty. I wanted 2 GB of RAM, but it couldn't be delivered on time, so at the moment I'm stuck with 256 MB... which really isn't that much... in fact Illustrator died on me twice while working in the strip.

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