Kyra and the policeman are standing open-mouthed in front of the cell, which has a huge hole in its back wall.
Melvecar is standing in the cell next to it.
"Oh, hello Kyra!"
No comment from Ben available.
Alright, we're back again! Sorry for the long break, but I had just gotten this new computer I told you about. I ordered 2 GB of RAM, but until it could be shipped I had to do with 256 MB. And working on the strip with that little is just not very much fun. So I got my 2 gigs yesterday! Sweet!

A little on the strip: I think Melvecar turned out okay, the others didn't really. And Melvecar's hands didn't really either. I hate drawing that big police guy!

Oh, and Melvecar's got a new beard. Must've happened in prison. Hope you enjoy it as much as he does.

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