I've decided to write a bit more here. About the story. Which you see above. Or rather, what you don't see. This might be a bit of a spoiler, but who cares.

Yes, Kyra's guards are present in this scene. They're just very shy and don't want to step in front of the camera. They're a bit to the left.

There. It that spoiled too much, and removed all the mystery, just read this backwards again.
Three things turned out good in this strip's drawing:

1) The policeman's hand in panel 2, including his arm
2) The policeman's tie in panel 2
3) The policeman's right hand in panel 2 (our the policeman's right hand)

Everything else turned out quite miserable. Except maybe Kyra's thighs. Her face turned out astonishingly ugly... and I don't know why.

On to funnier things: Chris' Adventures in France!

So I bought myself a new watch the other day. I went into the shop, told the sales lady which one I wanted, paid for it and left again. There were no misunderstandings whatsoever. There is no punchline. In fact, the story is completely uneventful.

Why am I telling you this?

So the next time you walk into a French watch shop and try to tell the sales lady which watch you want in broken Frenglish and she says "No, not an a tuesday", hands you a broken alarm clock instead whereupon you manically point at the digital watch you're interested in making elaborate gestures which eventually gets you arrested by two armed gendarmes she had called seconds before you entered the shop, you can say "Well at least I've got an interesting story to tell, not like Chris, whose watch-shopping is ever so boring!"

So there.

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