Ben was born in 1975 and is still in school, proving once again that you can take a good idea too far. He is happily married and losing his hair, which he tells himself is a complete coincidence. His other interests are writing short stories and novels, and programming games, neither of which he actually does very much. And no, he does not have a website.

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Chris was born 1978 and is a capricorn, which is one of the reasons capricorns rock. He is 6 foot something tall and is unsure about his blood type. He is currently living in Saarbuecken, Germany. Chris is a certified design-guy and is currently looking for a job so he doesn't have to live with his parents any longer. Check out his web site.

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Ben Deutsch
Immenweg 16
29690 Lindwedel
Tel.0177 5241974

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