Pandimaniacs is a webcomic with a continuous storyline. It is not being continued at this time; if you're new here, you should start reading from the beginning.

No comment from Ben available.
Yeah, I need to get back to drawing this thing regularly. Styles gettin' weird again, but that's just what good styles do... and bad styles too.

It's totally getting winter in France. Is it totally getting winter in not-France? I bet it is. Totally.

August 2012 - Pandimaniacs server moved

Pandimaniacs is not being updated any more. During the recent server move, a few things have been cleaned up. Unfortunately it appears that the SVG versions of the first few comics cannot be saved and will need to be faked.


March 18th 2006 - Pandimaniacs only once a week

For workload reasons, Pandimaniacs will only appear once a week for the time being. We don't know if it's going to be on one specific day per week, nor when we'll speed things up again. But we hope soon!


November 2005 - Chris is gone

Since Chris has moved, Pandimaniacs is on hold again. We'll probably be back around the middle of December


October 16th 2005 - New SVG encoding type - may crash plugin

We've changed the way our servers transmit SVGs to your browser. You see, we save and deliver them compressed, but didn't tell the browser we did. Now we do (thanks, Nick!). This is more correct, and helps those browsers with native SVG displays, but may cause the Adobe plugin to crash. We'll see what can be done, maybe add a little "crash / no crash" button. Tell us what you think!


September 28th 2005 - Chris gone

And someone's missing again. Chris unfortunately has got an important interview this week; the next comic will be here next week.

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