August 2012 - Pandimaniacs server moved

Pandimaniacs is not being updated any more. During the recent server move, a few things have been cleaned up. Unfortunately it appears that the SVG versions of the first few comics cannot be saved and will need to be faked.


March 18th 2006 - Pandimaniacs only once a week

For workload reasons, Pandimaniacs will only appear once a week for the time being. We don't know if it's going to be on one specific day per week, nor when we'll speed things up again. But we hope soon!


November 2005 - Chris is gone

Since Chris has moved, Pandimaniacs is on hold again. We'll probably be back around the middle of December


October 16th 2005 - New SVG encoding type - may crash plugin

We've changed the way our servers transmit SVGs to your browser. You see, we save and deliver them compressed, but didn't tell the browser we did. Now we do (thanks, Nick!). This is more correct, and helps those browsers with native SVG displays, but may cause the Adobe plugin to crash. We'll see what can be done, maybe add a little "crash / no crash" button. Tell us what you think!


September 28th 2005 - Chris gone

And someone's missing again. Chris unfortunately has got an important interview this week; the next comic will be here next week.


September 16th 2005 - No strip today

Ben is in Genoa, Chris is in Munich. And together they licked the platter clean. See you on monday.


August 26th 2005 - Ben sick

Our writer came down with a cold. No soup for you! See you on monday.


August 8th 2005 - Moving house

During this week, Ben is moving to a new home, and Chris is helping him. So this week, there won't be any strips, sorry. But this is a good time to check the archives!

Update:Ben's move went well, everything is working, there will be new strips come monday.


July 25th 2005 - New Design!

We have a new web design! The new design focusses more on CSS to lay things out. We have several new features as well:

  1. Text mode: the comic as text. Useful for text-based browsers, or readers with low bandwidth, since the alt-text version was usually rendered unformatted.
  2. The rants: each comic now displays associated comments from the authors below it. If they have anything to say, that is.
  3. Wallpapers: we're now offering wallpapers for download. Wear 'em proudly!

The rest of the site should work as usual, if you note something wrong, please don't hesitate to let us know.


May 26th 2005 - Switch in vote buttons

Since Buzzcomix is down so often, we changed the voting button to Top Web Comics again. Vote there just like you've voted before!


May 2nd 2005 - Short break

We have to go on a short break again. Comics should continue in two weeks at the latest.
Update: We got a new guest stip in, from Caitlin Woods at Dog and Pony. Thanks, Caitlin!


April 2nd 2005 - Search function

We've added a search function for our strips. It's on the main page and in the archives, underneath the comic. The search is case independent, but can only search for single words or phrases. However, that should be enough for most purposes.


February 28th 2005 - Scaling SVG mode

If you still haven't tried our SVG mode, here's a new incentive: customizable scaling. Under the date selection boxes in SVG mode, you can select one of several screen sizes, and the SVG comic will (more or less) scale to fill the page when you click on the little target button. You can bookmark the URL of the resulting page to keep that screen size.

If you want, or need, a different size than those available, you can also edit the URL directly. Yes, the layout and interface are not that great, but we're working on it. In the meantime, please try it out, and let us know what you think!

Oh, and if you like it, please keep voting! We're seeing many votes coming in, so thanks to all voters.


February 28th 2005 - Evey vote counts!

One of the ways we measure the "popularity" of our comic is through the voting buttons below the comic. The more you vote, the happier we are. Of course, the system is a bit unbalanced, as you don't get as much back yourself.

That's why we implemented voting incentives. Every time you vote for us on BuzzComix (which you can do every day), you'll get a sketched version of the comic, usually with some artist's comments, or an "alternative" dialogue.

Thanks for voting!


February 25th 2005 - More navigation goodness

We've implemented yet another way to navigate the archives. The current comic number is editable, allowing you to jump to specific comic numbers as well as specific dates. Currently, the regular comics and guest comics have seperate numbering schemes.

Please give it a spin, and report any problems to the forums!


February 10th 2005 - 2 years of Pandimaniacs!

Embarassingly, we missed our own 2 years anniversary. I (the artist) would like to take the time and apologize for the varying drawing style the readers have been experiencing for more than 500 strips. Some might have noticed a figure or a strip looking something odd now and then. I thought by this time I would have figured out an appropriate style to stick with, but to tell the truth, I still haven't got the slightest idea. I'm constantly experiencing with drawing and inking methods, and I'm afraid I shall be doing so for the next 2 years as well. I hope you enjoy reading it just the same.


February 9th 2005 - The slow road ahead

As a few of you may have noticed, we're having sporadic updates. We may, at some point, have to switch to updating only on mondays, wednesdays and fridays. Actually, we will have to switch. It's not clear when, if ever, we will switch back. Until then, please bear with us.


February 6th 2005 - We're back!

We have returned, as we had promised. For starters, we've inserted a comic which, according to the story, should have appeared before the break. It's the comic on 12/03/2004. More comics tomorrow.


January 15th 2005 - Big break gets bigger

Yes, it's true, we're still not done. but we hope we can continue on February 7th.

The guest strip thing is still valid as usual, see below.

In the meanwhile, we've been working on a game. The current status can be seen on our new games page.


December 4th 2004 - Big break

Yes, it's true, we've scheduled a break. We'll be back by January 15th.

We'd love to show some more guest strips during that time. Check the news for October 20th for the details, and send us the results.

Update:The first guest strip is in, by Jena Lombardi of UC.

Update:The next guest strip is from Stuart J. Attic of Horrendous Acts.


October 26th 2004 - Guest strip week

Our guest strips have started! The first one is from ymmot, the artist behind the Webcomic Bob (not suitable for the faint of heart, though !-).

Update: The next one is from Ferguson at Out of the loops.

Update: The next one is from Durandal Brytting at Sippans Serie.

Update: The next one is from Jonny Deutsch at Deus ex Magica.

Update: The next one is from Hiver and Blubbs at Sugar Bla Bla (in german).

Update: The next one is from B and B (no homepage, but in both languages).


October 20th 2004 - Need for Guest Strips

Since our artist ll be away from the 23rd to the 31st this month, there will be no comic strips in that time. Unless there are people who would like to send us some guest-strips, which we would put up instead. If you should be interested, please make the images exactly 720 pixels wide (and however high you like). We would appreciate it, if characters from the Pandimaniacs-Universe appeared in the strip (that's what guest strips are there for, right?). Please put your name(s) somewhere in the image and feel free to refer to your own homepage by putting the URL somewhere in the image. The copyright to each guest strip remains in posession of the creator(s), but by sending them in, you give us the right to put those strips on our page and leave them accessible for an indefinite amount of time. We cannot guarantee to put up every strip we are sent, and we reserve the right to reject any strip with content we believe is unsuitable (no pornographic content). Should we be sent more strips than needed, we shall keep those strips and use them to fill future gaps. Send the strips to: . Thanks!


September 25th 2004 - Pandimanic Font

We are proud to announce that we have designed and crafted our very own font, for the sole purpose of using it for anything Pandimaniacs-related. Check out the new buttons and the new title. We shall call it "Pandimanic"... until we can think of a better name... which is unlikely. Okay, the font ain't that unusual, but it's 100% self-made! Before putting it up for downlad we'd have to add a few more special characters.


August 25th 2004 - Little Mixup

We had accidently switched the last two strips, but switched them back again. So if you're looking for a new strip today, just check the one before today's. Update: Sorry, the confusion seems to have been a little bigger than expected... should be in the right order now...


May 13th 2004 - Voting buttons

We decided to place a few voting buttons on our page. These go to various comic lists Pandimaniacs is listed on. So click away, and one day you, too, will be able to look back and say "I knew them back when they were still climbing the ranks!" By the way, you can vote once a day. Thanks!


April 19th 2004 - Characters page

We've set up a characters page containing just about every character who ever appeared in the comic.


March 4th 2004 - We're in color!

Yes, we're posting in color. Well, sort of color. It's actually still "monochrome", except with levels of orange instead of levels of grey. Like it? Hate it? Tell us about it in the forum!


February 12th 2004 - Short break

Unfortunately, we have to stop the comics for a short while. They should be up again at the beginning of next week.


January 14th 2004 - Fan art page is up

Yes, we now have a fan art page. Anyone is welcome to send us fan art, you will be credited.


October 26th 2003 - Break in the archives

Unfortunately, we had developed quite a hole in our daily strips. Since we don't want to annoy everyone with a handful of new "old" comics every few days, we have decided to make a cut and to continue the dailies from here on.


April 28th 2003 - Back on track!

The one-week break was more like four. But we're back on track again! We're not dropping any days, the comics pick up where we left off. So don't forget the archive!


March 30th 2003 - Short break

The comics will - unfortunately - stop for about a week. Things should continue after that.


March 5th 2003 - News-Box on the front page

There is now a news-box on the front page, for announcements, news and all kinds of stuff.

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